First Covenant Church

The mission of First Covenant Church is to unify, nurture and equip the generations to love God and one another and to carry Christ's message into the world.

Ministries of Finance and Administration

Chaired by Kevin Larsen

The Finance and Administration Team cares for our church's property, finances, staff, and processes.  God's word clearly tells us to be good stewads of what He has give us.

Facilities Maintenance

It takes a lot of work to keep a church operating well and looking good.  This team maintains our properties including the main church building, the office at 107 NE 45th and our staff housing at 102 NE 45th.  They also organize regular work parties to clean, plant, trim, wash, repair and prepare our facilties for effective ministry.

Finance Team

This team prepares and manages our yearly budget.  They meet regularly to moniter our financial situation.  As we progress through the year they inform the congregation on our budgetary progress and needs.  This team also provides giving records for tax purposes.

Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC)

A member of this team serves on the PRC which annually meets with the senior pastor to review the status of the ministry.  The PRC is a liaison between the congregation and the pastor.