First Covenant Church

The mission of First Covenant Church is to unify, nurture and equip the generations to love God and one another and to carry Christ's message into the world.

Ministries of Worship Arts 

Chaired by Eric Matthieu

Worship is at the heart of our faith.  In fact, the very living of our faith in Jesus Christ is worship.  Whether we are offering our time, our abilities and possessions, expressing God’s love to those in need, making Christ known to others or going about our daily responsibilities, we are responding to Him and what He has done for us.  That is worship.

At First Covenant, we also gather weekly to worship together, as the church has for the past two thousand years across the globe.  This is our opportunity and privilege to join our souls—and minds, ears, eyes and voices—as we praise, pray, listen, see, learn, confess, and take communion in obedience to our Savior and in confirmation of our faith in Him. 

We want our worship together to be directed by the Holy Spirit and to reflect our individual faith journeys.  We do this by creating many opportunities for participation and by engaging all of our God-given senses in services that are tied to the church of the ages yet also unique to our own faith community here and now.  All are encouraged to find their place in this ministry of worship.

Pastor of Worship Arts

Reverend Mark Stuckey

If you have questions about the worship ministry program or would like to get involved please contact Mark.

Creation of Worship Services

Here are some of the ways that you can be part of the worship at First Covenant.  This includes opportunities in the creation of worship events as well as participating in them.  If you think you could contribute in any of these ways, see Phil, any of the other staff members, musicians, greeters, or Art in Worship members.


  • Vocalists and instrumentalists, to help the congregation make music to the Lord

  • Writers, to compose poems, prayers and other verbal elements

  • Readers, to read, recite the verbal parts

  • Sound technicians, to manage the equipment and the acoustics for worship


  • Visual artists, to create and select expressions of worship through the seasons of the year

  • Dramatists, to create theatrical works supportive of worship

  • Media technicians, to manage the visual equipment and assist in projecting text and image


  • Welcomers, to greet congregants and visitors into the space for worship, both literally and figuratively

  • Communion preparers and servers, to set up and take down communion elements and others to assist the pastors in serving communion